Dental Implants History - Ottawa, ON

Missing teeth, or edentulism, is a growing problem in Canada. Approximately 10 million Canadians have at least one missing tooth and another 3 million are missing all of their teeth.

There are a number of ways to replace missing teeth, such as dentures, but probably the old way is with dental implants. Archeologists have discovered evidence of dental implants being used as far back as ancient Egypt and the ancient Mediterranean civilization. However, it’s not until recent advancements in dental technology that have allowed dental implants to become a safe, effective, and long-lasting tooth replacement option.

A dental implant is made of titanium and embedded into the person’s jawbone where an artificial tooth is then attached to it. The implant provides a stable base for the artificial tooth and helps to support surrounding teeth. As the tissues heal around the implant, it fuses with the surrounding bone. The process is known as osseointegration which was discovered and developed by the late great Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark.

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Last Updated On 2020-07-04