General Dental Websites

The following links provide some good general information on dentistry.

Ontario Dental Association - Provincial voice for organized dentistry.

Canadian Dental Association - Interesting information on interaction between dentistry and all levels of government. Dental health information and informative FAQ's.

Academy of General Dentistry - The AGD's consumer information section provides information on more than 50 oral dental health topics. - Contains a wide variety of dental health information, including articles on women's dental health issues, child dental care information, halitosis (bad breath) section, and new dental product information.

Glossary of Dental Terms - American Dental Association's comprehensive reference provides a glossary of dental terms as they relate to the public.

Oral Health Care & Products

Links to sites providing helpful information on oral health and home care products patients can use to maintain optimum oral health.

Colgate - Trusted resource for dental health information and oral care products.

Crest - One of the world's most trusted brands in dental products.

Oral-B - Oral-B developed this learning center for dental health education to promote oral care habits that are essential to the lifelong health of teeth and gums. The site includes information and advice for children, adults, and dental health teachers.

Other sites of interest on the Web

American National Museum of Dentistry - The museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, is a lively national center where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile and are fascinated by the rich history of dentistry.

Academy of General Dentistry - The AGD's consumer information section provides information on more than 50 oral dental health topics.

Crest Kids - Learn how to get your kids interested in learning about dental health, gum disease and cavities. Includes tips for tykes, parent's guide, product information, and games.

Kids Healthworks - Free parenting resources, child safety tips, child health questions, and more. This is the parenting resource site for the broadcast television series Kids Healthworks developed in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics and currently airing on Discovery Health Channel.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - General information on cosmetic dentistry and what it can do for you.

Tobacco Information (Quit smoking!)

Several resources and information to help those who smoke to quit. Smoking is terribly harmful to your teeth and a healthy smile.

QuitAssist - Site providing expert information on quitting smoking.

Tobacco and Cancer - Resource for those who want to stop smoking, as well as other information on cancer. Smoking greatly increases a person's chances of oral cancers.