Migraine Pain Prevention Ottawa, Ontario

Besides treating cavities and decay, we also help to treat migraines. Migraines can often be caused by nighttime teeth grinding or clenching, a condition also known as bruxism. Grinding or clenching can place excessive pressure on your teeth and jaw areas which can cause tooth wear, pain, and migraines. And because patients often grind and clench their teeth while they sleep, they often aren’t aware of these negative behaviours until someone mentions it to them.

St. Laurent Dental Centre offers stabilization splints as a way to treat migraines. Stabilization splints are oral devices that the patients wear while they sleep. The device helps to protect their teeth’s surfaces from grinding and clenching and keep their jaw muscles relaxed.

Stabilization splints are smaller than traditional mouthguards so are quite comfortable to wear. They are extremely effective and can cut down on teeth grinding by almost 70%. And because there are no drugs involved, there are absolutely no side effects.

To find out if stabilization splints are right for you, contact St. Laurent Dental Centre in Ottawa to speak with us today.