Root Canal Therapy Ottawa Ontario

Root canal therapy saves a severely damaged tooth from having to be extracted. At the centre of your tooth is dental pulp, which supplies the tooth with nerves and nutrients. However, if the dental pulp becomes 'injured', it can die, leading your tooth to also die.

St. Laurent Dental Centre recommends root canal therapy to preserve the tooth by removing the damaged dental pulp and restoring the tooth back up again. The inner portion is refilled with dental material and the tooth is resealed again. We also suggest attaching a dental crown or porcelain inlay / onlay to the tooth to protect it.

All of our root canals are performed with an anesthetic so you can rest assured that you will remain completely comfortable. Contact us at St. Laurent Dental Centre in Ottawa to schedule an appointment

Root Canal Therapy Ottawa OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Ottawa ON

Root Canal Therapy Ottawa ONRoot Canal Therapy Ottawa

Root Canal Therapy in Ottawa Ontario